Blankenstein Digital Solutions voor vele oplossingen voor prive en bedrijf rondom audio, video en IT.

Satelliet Systemen

Met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring met de installatie van schotelantennes is Blankenstein Digital Solutions de grootste officiële satelliet installateur aan de Costa del Sol van digitale systemen voor de ontvangst van CanalDigitaal, TV Vlaanderen, Groot-Brittannië, Scandinavië, Frans, Italiaans, Russisch, Arabisch, Roemeens televisie- en radiokanalen.

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TV & Sound Oplossingen

Wij kunnen u helpen met al uw specifieke wensen op het gebied van specifice Audio and Video oplossingen die u zoekt. Voor zowel eenvoudige systemen alsmede high-end systemen bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres.

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IT Solutions

Business solutions

Blankenstein Digital Solutions levert en implementeerd betrouwbare IT oplossingen en biedt uitgebreide support en IT-diensten aan aan het bedrijfsleven. Wij hebben alle expertise voor uw IT omgeving van hardware en beheer tot cloud oplossingen en project management.

Thuis support...

Wij leveren computer support aan huis voor o.a. computer upgrade, installatie, onderhoud, netwerk oplossignen, software, hardware, security, and disaster recovery.

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Home Cinema

 Ontworpen rond je kamer, je familie en de manier waarop u de thuis bioscoop wenst te gebruiken, ontwikkelen wij een volledig op maat gemaakte oplossing. We kunnen u de ervaring en het niveau van de service die u zoekt bieden, variërend van eenvoudige audio visuele systeem ontwerp en de installatie tot een "Turn Key" oplossing van complete interieur en akoestisch ontwerp, project management, structurele opbouw, decoratie, AV-installatie en kalibratie.

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Veiligheid & Toezicht cameras

In een mobiel verbonden wereld, bieden we innovatieve security camera oplossingen die u helpen in contact te blijven met wat voor u belangrijk is - uw huis, bedrijf of familie, via een computer, smartphone of tablet.

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Home cinema, Hotel en B&B, Bar, club en restaurant oplossingen, Communidad TV, IT projecten etc


Hotel Oplossingen

blankenstein hotel

An amenity for your guests throughout your property.

How important is quality image & sound for your hotel or resort? Consider all the places where it had  affect on your guests’ experience: the lobby, guest room, restaurant, spa, meeting and function rooms.

We can provide innovative solutions to create a new dimension of comfort and luxury for your guests – for both guest room and public area applications. Just as importantly, the Blankenstein Digital Solutions can support and enhance the distinctive image of your property. We is among the most respected and recognised consumer image & sound supplier on the Costa del sol and want to associate your guests with quality, performance and luxury.


Bar, Club & Restaurant Oplossingen

blankenstein restaurant bar

From concerts to relaxing background music... We have it all!

If you want your bar / restaurant to serve more than good food and drinks, you have to radiate atmosphere – relaxed by day, ramping up to a more sparkling atmosphere after dark. A key factor in creating this vital ambience is music, making your choice of sound system a truly business-critical decision.

Our sytems delive clear and sparkling music and announcements that sound the way it should at all listening levels! Even at background volume. Many functions can be programmed to run automatically, eliminating the need for extensive training or complicated system setup and adjustments.

Fitness & Wellness Solutions

blankenstein fitness wellness

Sound for Body and Mind! 

Guests increasingly seek a refuge for body and mind, away from the stresses of modern life. A place where they can enjoy a vigorous workout. Or a sanctuary where they can enjoy being pampered and 'detoxed' with reviving therapies. And where sound has a key part to play.

Our audio management system is the complete solution to the complex demands of a fitness establishment or Wellness with many zones. It offers full control and the flexibility to deliver soothing or stimulating sound to suit these particular spaces. The system can simultaneously enliven a session in the hydrotherapy pool or gym, provide an appropriate atmosphere to a massage or discreetly add to the serenity of an aromatherapy room – all centrally controlled.

The loudspeakers' subtle styling blends in with any luxury spa environment. Our sound system will make a positive contribution to the wellbeing and satisfaction of your clients.


Theme & Water Park Solutions

blankenstein aquapark

Your guests will love it! 

We can offer professional theme and waterpark sound systems, which we place all over the park. With a wireless microphone and sound system you can send everything you like through the speakers. From music, customer notices and jokes.

We are able to provide as well the visual part. Imagine a large outdoor cinema with one of our professional High Definition Projectors. 

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