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TV & Sound Solutions

We can help you with all you specific Audio and Video solutions you are looking for.  Both high-end solutions like home cinema in combination with dolby suround as well as affordable TV´s

Samsung & Loewe TV´s

With their smart, innovative design, today’s flat Ultra HD &  Curve tv´s offer an array of prices, sizes, technologies, and characteristics...

Buying a new one means making a number of choices, and that means determining exactly what you need or want. Samsung LED Backlighting Technology delivers breakthrough picture quality in an ultra slim design. These tv´s offer mega contrast ratio the brightest white to the darkest black a is capable of producing and advanced internet connectivity features that let you download apps to your TV. These are Samsung’s best tv´s ever.

Smart TV platform Smart TV platform, Smart Hub, is faster than ever. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to connect to your home internet, while Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi Direct make sharing apps, content and video from your mobile or tablet simple.You can browse content and search for your favourite programmes and movies while you watch TV, so you won’t miss something vital as you line up your next show. The new Brief on TV function also gives you a great way to start your day. Brief on TV wakes the TV up when your alarm goes off and displays useful information for that day, such as the time, weather and your schedule.

Better viewing from wider angles Ultra Clear Panel Pro helps you see the best possible image, wherever you’re sitting. It absorbs light to reduce reflections on the screen, giving you improved image quality and clarity, even if you’re viewing from a tight angle.


With TVs getting slimmer and built-in speakers getting smaller - choosing the right sound system is more important than ever. Sound bars add that extra audio punch to all your movies, games and TV programmes. More affordable and easier to set up than a full size speaker system, they don’t compromise on quality either.  We offer soundbar´s from Yamaha, Samsung and Bose.

We can supply soundsbars specifically for curved TV´s in Black and Chrome and specific curved cabinets in dozens of colors too.

Dolby Surround

Surround sound enhances the way you experience entertainment at home by creating the optimal environment for all of your favorite content. The surround sound enhances the way you watch
and listen to movies, music, and other entertainment. Conventional stereo creates dimensional sound in front of you. Dolby® surround sound expands on stereo to deliver sound from the sides, behind, and even above you—creating a natural, multidimensional sonic environment based on the science of how humans hear. With surround sound, your entertainment springs to life, putting you
in the center of the action. Dolby audio in your home improves the power, clarity, and realism of sound by offering up to 7.1 discrete surround channels and up to 9.1 channels of sound


Bose is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise cancelling headphones, professional audio systems and automobile sound systems. The company has also conducted research into suspension technologies for cars and heavy-duty trucks and into the subject of cold fusion.