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Satellite Systems

With over 25 years of experience with installing satellite dishes, Blankenstein Digital Solutions is the largest official satellite installer on the Costa del Sol of digital systems for reception of Canal Digital, TV Vlaanderen, UK, Scandinavian, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Romanian television and radio channels.


CanalDigitaal / TV Vlaanderen is the provider of the dutch digital satellite television. You are able to receive all television and radio channels in High Definition.

More than a million customers watch digital TV and listen to digital radio through CanalDigitaal / TV Vlaanderen. They are assured of outstanding image quality, a large selection of channels and competitive subscription rates. And with HDTV, our customers experience their favorite programs as if they are actually were real. With CanalDigitaal / TV Vlaanderen you'll receive up to 300 channels and 48 HD channels. According to a study, CanalDigitaal / TV Vlaanderen gives you the best HD quality. More information here...

M7 SAT801

For converting satellite signals to image and sound on your television, you need a digital satellite receiver.

The M7 SAT801 is a compact HD satellite receiver. This receiver is suitable with the Canal Digitaal / TV Vlaanderen smartcard. It is also possible to record a program via a USB stick or to pause live television.

M7 DSR8141 (with internal hard-disk)

The M7 DSR8141 is an HD satellite receiver for CanalDigitaal / TV Vlaanderen with built-in hard disk for recording and pausing TV programs.

No need to miss programs, thanks to this HD satellite receiver with recording capability. Because of the internal hard drive, you can watch one program while recording another. You can also pause live television. With the M7 DSR8141 you can in combination with an HD television fully enjoy HDTV.

The M7 DSR8141 has a multi-day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that allows you to program recordings directly.

The receiver comes in a gloss black design and comes with a luxurious remote.

Thanks to the HDMI connection, the receiver is easy to connect to your HD television. In addition to HD channels, you can also watch regular (SD) television in good quality.