Streaming & Wireless Audio

Our range of solutions include

Sonos, Heos, Bose, Airplay, Bluetooth

Samsung & Loewe TV´s

Now available 4K Loewe and 4K Samsung (Curved) TV

in the sizes: 32", 40", 48", 55", 65", 75", 80"

Audio Solutions

Dolby Surround & Streaming Audio

Sonos, Bose, Denon, Harman Kardon, Pioneer, Loewe.

Domotica solutions

Domotica, the smart home

 Control all features with an App on your phone

Home Cinema

We make your dreams come true

Large TV´s, Video Screens, Projectors

Dolby Surround, Cinema furniture

Satellite solutions

Our solutions include

Satellite solution for Canal Digitaal, TV Vlaanderen, Telesat,  German  and  French Satellite Television. 

Our Satelite solutions include

Any Sat system you would like.....

Telesat Belgium:

This is the French version of the TV Vlaanderen package. For the reception of Telesat a 1 metre dish is required. Two separate LNB's will be placed on it facing the Astra 1 and the Hotbird satellite. The decoder is the same one as for TV Vlaanderen. A special card from Telesat with subscription is required. The registration will be in Belgium. 

German satellite television:

The German programs are in mayority free to air / view. Even in HD quality. To receive the German channels a 80 cm dish is needed with a single LNB. Further you will need a receiver  pre-programmed for the German channels. 

French satellite television: 

French television can be received through 2 systems, the BIS system or the TNT Francia system. To get connected to the BIS System a 80 cm dish is needed with a single LNB which will be aligned to the Hotbird satellite. The systems works with a special receiver with BIS card. Registration is not needed. The Card will be annually renewed. The TNT sat system works with a 80 cm dish with a single LNB aligned to the Astra 1. The receiver comes with a card with subscription for 4 years. 



For more information on satellites click here.


Testimonials UK

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Blankenstein installed security cameras to protect my house. Good service, quick delivery and installation and also good suggestions regarding wired cameras as thiefs have the ability to take IP cameras down. Now I get a SMS when movement is detected and I'm able to watch each individual camera from the UK, using...

Andy Smith

I went to Blankenstein for my home-cinema I wanted. They handled everything. A very nice 3-D projector, electrical screen and great Dolby Surround sound. Installation and delivery was on the promised date. I´m one happy customer, always willing to do more business with Blankenstein

Tom Jekson

I´m very satisfeid with the way the Samsung smart TV I bought, was installed.  Cables nicely tucked away and all the mess was cleaned up afterwards by the person who did the installation.  This is what I call good service.  I`m very pleased and content with my TV.

Sarah Brown