Our Satelite solutions include

Any Sat system you would like.....

Telesat Belgium:

This is the French version of the TV Vlaanderen package. For the reception of Telesat a 1 metre dish is required. Two separate LNB's will be placed on it facing the Astra 1 and the Hotbird satellite. The decoder is the same one as for TV Vlaanderen. A special card from Telesat with subscription is required. The registration will be in Belgium. 

German satellite television:

The German programs are in mayority free to air / view. Even in HD quality. To receive the German channels a 80 cm dish is needed with a single LNB. Further you will need a receiver  pre-programmed for the German channels. 

French satellite television: 

French television can be received through 2 systems, the BIS system or the TNT Francia system. To get connected to the BIS System a 80 cm dish is needed with a single LNB which will be aligned to the Hotbird satellite. The systems works with a special receiver with BIS card. Registration is not needed. The Card will be annually renewed. The TNT sat system works with a 80 cm dish with a single LNB aligned to the Astra 1. The receiver comes with a card with subscription for 4 years. 



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