Streaming & Wireless Audio

Our range of solutions include

Sonos, Heos, Bose, Airplay, Bluetooth

Samsung & Loewe TV´s

Now available 4K Loewe and 4K Samsung (Curved) TV

in the sizes: 32", 40", 48", 55", 65", 75", 80"

Audio Solutions

Dolby Surround & Streaming Audio

Sonos, Bose, Denon, Harman Kardon, Pioneer, Loewe.

TV & Audio Furniture

High End Audio & TV Furniture

Spectral, Gisan, Norstone


Home Cinema

We make your dreams come true

Large TV´s, Video Screens, Projectors

Dolby Surround, Cinema furniture

Satellite & IPTV solutions

Our solutions include

Satellite solution for Canal Digitaal, TV Vlaanderen, Telesat,  German  and  French Satellite Television. 

IPTV for UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Russia


Since the migration of its free to view channels in February to the new Astra 2e Satellite the BBC's, the ITV's and the Channel four group and many more are no longer available on the satellite.
This move not only affects viewers in Southern Europe but also the viewers in other areas in Europe.
The expectation is that they will be moving more and more(sky) channels to the UK Spot beam.
If this will occur it will be a great disaster for Sky Digital because more than a hundred thousand Sky Digital subscribers will cancel their subscription.At this moment the only solution is watching the former free to air channels through the Internet.

Scandinavian and Russian viewers are already used to the system for Internet television as their reception through the e.g. the Thor satellite stopped already a couple of years ago.

The Internet television is good solution for receiving your own programs in your own language. A width range of programs and radio reception are offered. Although a good and steady Internet connection (2MB min.) is essential for a good reception of these programs. A broadband or Wimax connection with unlimited download is ideal for receiving IP television. A Wifi spot will not work because of the fluctuation of the speed. Also Wifi packages are limited to a certain use of Gigabytes a month. The IPTV box can be connected wired or wireless to your router. It has een Electronic Program Guide ( EPG) and you has also a recording facility through a USB - stick.

We offer IPTV for the UK television and Radio, Scandinavian and Russian packages. You can pay as you go, month by month and support will be granted in English, Scandinavian or Spanish. See the channel list here and information on how tho install the IPTV setup box can be found here.








Blankenstein is a re-seller of a IPTV service. Blankenstein is not the IPTV provider.

Once the subscription is purchased, this cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Make sure you have a suitable broadband connection and unlimited bandwidth from your ISP before ordering.

Blankenstein takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the service being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

The provider reserves the right to change channel packages without notice.

The purchased subscription is not covered under warranty if the provider stops the transmission of these channels. Blankenstein will not be responsible for any of these actions.

Testimonials UK

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Blankenstein installed security cameras to protect my house. Good service, quick delivery and installation and also good suggestions regarding wired cameras as thiefs have the ability to take IP cameras down. Now I get a SMS when movement is detected and I'm able to watch each individual camera from the UK, using...

Andy Smith

I went to Blankenstein for my home-cinema I wanted. They handled everything. A very nice 3-D projector, electrical screen and great Dolby Surround sound. Installation and delivery was on the promised date. I´m one happy customer, always willing to do more business with Blankenstein

Tom Jekson

I´m very satisfeid with the way the Samsung smart TV I bought, was installed.  Cables nicely tucked away and all the mess was cleaned up afterwards by the person who did the installation.  This is what I call good service.  I`m very pleased and content with my TV.

Sarah Brown